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Ramp Manager

Aim of the Function:
Leading, coordinating and supervising all airside duties. The RM performs administrative tasks and issues instructions as well. The RM replaces the FBO Manager in case of absence.
The responsibilities of the RM include:
- Ensuring the timely purchase of the required equipment, in coordination with the FBO Manager (budget).
- Ensuring the proper functioning of equipment and, if necessary, making sure the equipment got repaired.
- Ensuring that all operations can be performed safely.
- Making sure that the personnel is able to perform duties safely.
- Liaising with crew members, airport services, suppliers and colleagues.
- Leading and coaching ramp staff (Ramp Crew Chiefs and Ramp Agents)
- Training new Ramp Agents in cooperation with the Ramp Crew Chiefs.
- Reporting regularly to the FBO Manager.
- Following up on invoices of fuel deliveries.
- Keeping record of customs declarations and reporting them to the competent services (both internal and external).
- Being in charge of the payroll administration of the ramp staff.
- Replacing the FBO Manager in case of absence.
- Leading and coaching ramp staff:
 Supervising the airside activities and making adjustments where necessary. Main focus: Safety!
 Creating the work schedules for the ramp staff and making adjustments (concerning potential absences or operations) where necessary.
 Organizing all tasks related to ramp operations in order to ensure that the handling of an aircraft takes place in compliance with the standards and regulations of the competent authorities and the FBO Manual.
 Being in charge of the payroll administration of the ramp staff and monitoring the hours worked (overtime).
 Training new ramp staff in accordance with the FBO Manual and the conventional procedures.
 Organizing and providing initial and recurrent training for ramp staff. - Ensuring the proper functioning of the equipment:
 Providing the required equipment.
 Keeping record of the maintenance and the repair of equipment. Ensuring that all equipment is operational.
 Providing all necessary safety items for ramp staff (clothing, protection…) -
 Overall reporting to the FBO Manager.
 Replacing the FBO Manager in case of absence. - Receiving visitors - If necessary, updating ramp-related matters in the FBO Manual. - Attending audits and, if necessary, taking corrective actions. - In case of emergency (lack of staff, peaks in traffic…) performing duties on the ramp. - Attending meetings to prepare for major events (if possible) - Formatting the monthly customs declarations and the invoices of fuel deliveries.  

Key elements are:  Professionalism  Customer orientation  Proactivity  Respect  Positive attitude

Competences and Skills:
Very good level of Dutch, French and English is required.
Good Communicator
Have ea good Team spirit
Have a good stress resistance
High Flexibility
Knowledge of MS Office
Knowledge of the aviation industry in general (or at least operations)
Planning and organizing