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Ramp Agent

Aim of the Function:

Performing all airside duties within his shift under the supervision of the Ramp Crew Chief. Small landside duties may be added to the job responsibilities. All tasks should be completed in compliance with aviation-related safety procedures.

Place within the Organization:

The RA reports directly to the Ramp Crew Chief.


It is the responsibility of the RA to:
- Execute all handling tasks in accordance with the safety procedures and guidelines of the FBO Manual, whether or not as instructed by the Ramp Crew Chief.
- Report defective equipment to the Ramp Crew Chief. Authorities: - Following accurately the instructions given by the Ramp Crew Chief, the Ramp Manager and the FBO Manager.
- Overall reporting to the Ramp Crew Chief.


- Positioning and parking aircrafts - Positioning Ground Service Equipment (GSE) - Refueling and defueling aircrafts (if qualified) - Maintaining the stock of cars - Maintaining the GSE - Loading and unloading luggage and containers - Providing assistance to crew members - Providing assistance to passengers - Towing aircrafts - Offering aircrafts lavatory services - Supervising services provided by a third party - Placing and removing passenger boarding stairs - Loading and off-loading catering - Transporting passengers and crew members within the airport region - Running small errands - Keeping the GSE clean - Keeping administrative records

- Internal
 Ramp Crew Chief and Ramp Manager
 (Senior) Handling Agents and ramp personnel
 Operations
 Maintenance
 Cleaning
 Management
- External
 Passengers
 Crew members
 Visitors
 Various departments at Brussels Airport
 Suppliers (Catering, fueling, handling services, taxis, limousines…)

Language knowledge:

Good knowledge of Dutch, English and French is required.