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Nominated Postholder Crew Training - DELUX

Luxaviation Germany and Luxembourg are looking for a Crew Training Manager (NP Crew Training).

This person is responsible for the planning, coordination and control of all flight crew training issues in-house and/or with contracted training facilities as well as for the contact to the Authority in regard to training and licensing.

This person will report to the Accountable Manager. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Make every effort to provide an environment for safe flight operation
  • Amend and revise the OM Part D; all amendments (including acknowledgement of receipt), where necessary in cooperation with the aircraft manufacturer, in accordance with NAA, or all other Luxaviation local training departments
  • Document and implement corrective action requests deriving out of audits, inspections, or any other assessment
  • Determine the amount of training required for each individual. After due note has been taken of the crew members previous training, as recorded in his training records, and establishes and organizes the correct training and checking to fulfil the qualification requirements as described in the Operation Manual Part A Chapter 5 Qualification Requirements
  • Liaise with international branches and/or of Luxaviation Group to promote, as far as possible, group standardisation in all aspects of crew training; liaising with Starspeed Fixed Wing Training
  • Liaise with NP Flight Operations to meet flight operations requirements regarding crew training
  • Ensure that crew training documents are properly maintained and stored
  • Determine and implement the Company Training Policy in accordance with the OM Part D and to meet the defined Luxaviation standard of performance
  • Establish and design training and checking programmes with associated syllabi and lesson plans for the required training courses
  • Administrate, supervise, and schedule crew training activities
  • Ensure that the required training and checking, the training syllabi, and relevant examinations meet the applicable requirements and national regulations
  • Conduct inspections in all areas of the crew training department
  • Conduct data evaluation as an input to the Management Evaluation
  • Establish professional prerequisites concerning employment/training/upgrading of flight crew members, in cooperation with the NP Flight Operations
  • Ensure the use of adequate training resources and appropriate qualified and certified training devices
  • Monitor the services and standards of contracted training and checking
  • Select and supervise the training and checking personnel
  • Designate check and training personnel including type rating — instructors and — examiners
  • Examine the professional qualification of applicants, and to recommend or discourage their employment
  • Monitor internal training to ensure that checks are being conducted in the correct time frames
  • Ensure adequate qualifications by:
    - Planning, organising, monitoring and scheduling training and checking in accordance with OM Part D;
    - Establishing and maintaining procedures for training and checking
    - Notifying NAA regarding training and checking
    - Ensuring reception of the correct approval/acceptance from the respective department
    - Analysing and verifying training records for completeness and correctness collecting and storing of training records, files and documents in accordance with OM Part D
    - Establishing and maintaining contracts with contracted training facilities
    - Verifying that subcontracted ATO’s hold and maintain the time used the required syllabi, approvals and authorizations
    - Evaluating standard of performance of operations personnel by monitoring training and checking


  • Airline transport Pilot Licence with associated rating appropriate to the type of operation conducted under the AOC
  • Type rating Instructor on a rating appropriate with the type of operation conducted under the AOC
  • Familiarity with Management Systems
  • Educated to A ‘Level or equivalent standard
  • Full driving Licence


  •  5 years of relevant work experience
  • Appropriate experience in similar function
  • Hold or have held line training, line check captain qualifications


  • Good knowledge of relevant EASA & relevant National Aviation Authority regulations
  • Knowledge of business aviation

Skills & Competencies

  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Fluent in German and English
  • Good presentation skills
  • Strong IT software understanding particularly Microsoft office packages
  • Strong Analytical skills and the ability to produce high level statistical analysis to demonstrate trends
  • Ability to work with a wide variety of people
  • Ability to work on own initiative with minimum supervision
  • Resourcefulness, adaptability and high level of personal motivation and commitment
  • Ability to balance a high workload with a broad scope effectively
  • Ability to work under pressure and to deadline
  • Excellent time management